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Portrait, Samuel Joseph Rich, Cornwall, England, Kona, Hawaii




A British national who studied at Cornwall College, England, and is a photographer, filmmaker and writer. Having travelled to most of the continents, he thrives on challenges that stretch his ability and develop his skills. He aims to use avariety of means to raise awareness of the injustices in this world and inspire others to take tangible steps of justice. Directing an award-winning documentary in Panama, he worked on many short film and photography projects in Rwanda, Uganda, U.S.A and Guyana.


As a photographer I have the ability to freeze time and share that with the world.

How can we change the world unless we first see it as it truly is?


Life is a succession of moments, with videography I can convey ideas and vision,

to share the stories from around the globe; from a widow surviving a Genocide in Rwanda to an Orphan without a family in Panama.

Video allows you to shift paradigms and tell the stories that need to be heard.


Writing enables me to express feelings, thoughts and show how my story crosses paths with others I meet around the world.

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Anaïs Nin

Truth Ignites Justice

A Voice For The Voiceless

A Voice For The Voiceless is a media advocacy non-profit which exists to focus lenses and perspectives towards the injustices of this world. We don't want to stop at raising awareness but through tangible action bring about lasting change.

Be A Voice For Those Who Have None

The dynamic partnership between photogenX and Grassroots News offers a rigorous discipleship and media journey to stand against injustice and voice the cause of the voiceless through media advocacy initiatives and news reporting. As role as staff is to go deeper with God, be equipped to be able to speak clearly for the voiceless and assist others in doing likewise.

Advocacy and Action Go Together

Our goal however is not just to be a voice but act in a way that changes people’s lives. From setting up long term clean water sources In Africa to advocate for law reform with orphans and adoption South America we believe that it is crucial as we discover and raise awareness of injustices, we actively work in ways to eliminate it.

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8

Video Projects

Video Projects I've Worked On.

A promotional video I created for the September Quarter of Elevate School of Worship in 2013.

John and Tessa Gillespie train majority world Pastors with with Global Training Network. John was my pastor in Cornwall, England. While in Rwanda I was able to spend time with him and watch him teach/train Rwandese Pastors.

Travelling to 27 countries with the 'Eloy Project' documentary here is my latest from Romania. Romania is the third country we have been to so far

Peter and Gillian's Wedding at Pencarrow House and Grounds, Cornwall. (pencarrow.co.uk)

We all operate within a sphere of society, how are you tackling injustice from where you are with the skills you have?

Boda-boda (or bodaboda) is a bike taxi, originally in East Africa...

Will be a feature length documentary that takes viewers across the globe to reveal life through the eyes of children without families.....

What I am up to in the month of may with 'Voice For The Voiceless' + Prayer Requests.

An overview for my Voice For The Voiceless Team's time in Rwanda and Uganda.

Overcoming the Rwandan genocide, rape, HIV and life as a single mother, this is Florence's story.

Time Lapse of Lava at Mauna Loa, Hawaii.

Querido Panama," or "Dear Panama" is a documentary by a Voice for the Voiceless and Grassroots News covering the injustice of Panamanian children losing their childhoods to 3-10 years of institutionalization with only a 2% chance for adoption or foster care.

Our previous video was instrumental in getting life-saving HIV medication AZT for the children of Panama. 400 bottles of the drug Retrovir were donated to and distributed by Heart's Cry Ministry. Medical experts say the shortage issue may be an ongoing issue.

The children in Panama with HIV are in shortage of medication, one day without the medicine can be fatal.

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