National Television, In The Embassy, Stockholm…

These past few months have been a wild ride with many surprises- see what the team has been up to in this video.

The Potter’s Hands – Orphan Sunday 2016

This year our team had the privelege of creating this years Orphan Sunday video. This video will be used in churches, fellowships and gatherings across the world! (see below for more info) “On Orphan Sunday, Christians stand for the orphan. We are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child who has…

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Our Screenwriter Live On CBN News’ 700 Club!

Myself and the rest of the Lost Kites team were so impressed at how well Casey explained the visions and goals of the documentary live on national televison. See for yourself!

Sam Ley’s Yard Sale

See what this little boy from England decided to do when he heard of the needs of a 3 year old girl in China. Click here to join his effort

Lost Kites Global Film Tour Report

Since February, our film team has shown LOST KITES across 6 nations. See the excitement from audiences in Thailand, the US, Canada, Germany, Hungary and France! Watch for the British Embassy in Paris, news coverage in Calgary, the international premiere in Thailand and more. #lostkites

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